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Tuition and Fees

  Shop around and you will see that no other dance studio offers more for your money. We offer longer and more classes with a lower student to teacher ratio than anyone around. The following rates and fees pertain to non-company dancers. Company team dancers have different tuition rates and fees. Stunning-Dance Studio wants our parents to be as informed as possible. Please make sure you read all emails and notes sent home with your dancer. Email is the quickest and most efficient form of communication we have with our parents. We send out weekly emails with updates and important information. Any notice of class cancellation or reschedule for any reason will be done by email. Your email address will be used for studio business only and will stay confidential. All fees, rules and expectations of the dancer are listed below. Prices are subject to change due to increasing merchant costs.

Monthly Payment Plan Pricing Per Student

Private Lessons= $30 per hour or $95 for 4 lessons

1/2hr to 45min class = $35 a month


1 hour class = $40 a month

1.5 hour class= $45 a month

2 classes = $60 a month

3 classes = $90 a month

4 classes= $110 a month

Unlimited Ballet Classes (including PBT)= $100 a month

Adult Class card= $120 for up to 12 classes. Expires in 5 months.

Unlimited Classes for 1 person (team/recreation) for 1 season (4 months)= $280

Family Discount= $500 Unlimited classes for 4 months per family of 2 or more. 

You will be able to pick a pricing plan at checkout! Use code "Earlybird," at checkout from now till August 14th to save 20% off your tuition if you pay in full for the Fall Tuition.  (Discount not valid if already using a discount plan).

Drop In Class Pricing

1hr class= $12 per class

1 1/2 hr class= $15 per class

Costumes/Recital Fee/Registration Fee

 If interested in participating in Winter or Spring Recital please let us know, but it is optional.  Costume Fee/ Recital Fees due dates are listed below. However, if registering late please contact us as soon as you register to see if you can still order a costume.  We can't order costumes till costumes are paid for in full. If for some reason we are unable to have an in person recital, we will do it virtually or send a video of each class separately.

Costume cost for each class will be $50 to $75 depending on the class. Pictures and pricing of the costumes are posted at the studio.

Recital Fee: $25 per family.

If in Intermediate Ballet or Adv Ballet the costume will be $75.

Fall Semester (August-December) Costume /recital fee due: Oct 1.

Spring Semester (January- May) Costume fee/recital fee due: February 26th.

Class Payment Policy

Payment is due on the 1st of each month to avoid $10 late fee if paying using a monthly tuition plan. If you are a drop in student, the student must pay prior to class in person or online. If a student isn't paid in full before start of class then they may be asked to sit out till payments are up to date. If payment isn't received before second class of the month then a $10 late fee may be added to your bill. Thank-you for your timely payment so we can pay our teachers for their services and keep everything running smoothly. If there are extenuating circumstances and you need to freeze your payment plan, please notify us before your plan expires. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are having any financial difficulty to make a plan.

Warmly, Stunning-Dance Studio Staff

Class Makeup/Attendance Policy

Students are encouraged to make up all classes they miss so they don't fall behind as the classes are progressive. We also want to make sure you are getting your moneys worth! If you need to cancel class for any reason please notify us through email us, or send us a message on this website through our chat so we aren't waiting for you and the teacher can plan the class accordingly. If you do miss a class you can make up your class in any of the other classes by canceling your class online and booking in another class of the same or different genre. This allows your child to try something new if they prefer. It is student/parents responsibility to make up the class. 

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