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Studio Fundraising

Fundraising is not mandatory, but it's a good option for families who are looking for help to supplement the cost of Dance. The extra money that is earned can help with solos, dance competition fees, needed dance supplies or towards monthly tuition etc. These fundraisers are here to help.

Parents and staff from the studio have taken their time and efforts to make these options possible for the dancers and families. We ask that you contact those who are in charge of the fundraiser you are interested in; if seeking further questions that may not have been answered here.

  • Current Fundraiser: Mister Car Wash

  • June Fundraiser: Fatboy's

We have a no child left behind fund that we use for family's that are struggling to pay tuition or have children that would like to attend dance or more classes, but can't afford it due to COVID, difficult circumstances, or we also know with larger families it can be difficult to afford more than one class. Please let us know if you need any help.

Washing the Car

Here at Stunning Dance Studio we want to foster team work to help make a difference for each and every child! Click below to make a $5 donation.  Thank-you for your support.

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